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Bournemouth, Dorset


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Latest Testimonials

New Perspective On Investing

As a traditional investor in stocks and shares and unit trusts, I was initially rather sceptical in my  early exposure to the alternative investments which Wealth Style Properties introduced me to. However, thanks to the dedication belief in and commitment to their service, Martin Sudbury and his team succeeded in not only captivating my imagination, but in educating me to the hitherto unknown (to me) investment possibilities.

Their attention to detail and willingness and patience throughout the whole process was refreshing in a world of "sell sell sell" often without heed to the reality of the product. But I am pleased to report that I was convinced and have now successfully invested in a number of attractive (but not unrealistically so) fixed interest investments with very clear exit strategies. And the aftersales service is second to none!

I whole heartedly recommend this service

J Butlin

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Wealth Style Investments is one of the UK’s leading high end alternative investment specialist

Wealth Style Investments offers a diverse range of alternative investments to private investors. All alternative investment we offer have under gone vigorous due diligence process and we believe them to be the best of their kind in the market place.

Your First Stop For Alternative Investments

Alternative Project

Intelligent investors are increasingly requiring alternative investments as part of their overall investment portfolio. Our current projects offer fixed returns over set time frames and are asset backed. By diversifying, you spread your funds across a range of assets which can help to reduce your risk.

UK Project

Many investors prefer having the certain reassurance in knowing that their investment project is within easy access, for this reason we supply a range of UK based projects. Our current projects offer strong returns and provide a viable alternative to the more traditional buy to let.

About us

We believe there are better ways to maximise your potential investment pot than leaving all your money in a low return savings account or playing the stock market. Our handpicked product portfolio has undergone lengthy due diligence and we only accept products that are from respected providers.

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